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Queensgate South: An Update

Updated: Apr 23

As dirt work continues on site, we continue to receive questions in regards to what is going on, so here are the details that we have:

First featured parcel listed for sale for commercial/retail development on high visibility corner of Queensgate Blvd and Keene Rd in Richland, WA.
Featured commercial/retail parcel for sale on hard corner of future 50 acre development.

4.7 Acres for sale for Commercial/Retail Development

This is the area that is highlighted in the yellow. It will be on the hard corner of the West side of the future 50 acre master plan, that is a mix of commercial/retail along with residential housing that is being built by BrickWise Real Estate.

The 4.7 acres has the ability to be distributed into four separate parcels, for various end users and developers. Please stay tuned for ideal tenants and updates for this iteration.

Residential Housing Developments

BrickWise Real Estate is planning to develop 89 townhomes and 19 single family homes on the North end of the development, with the goal to bring the feel of urban living without leaving the comfort of Richland.

The Master Plan

The entire site plan is estimated to be 50 acres and will increase connectivity through to Queensgate Drive, through to the other side of Badger Mountain.

For Updates

Please follow along!

The best way to do this is to follow us on social media:

All information is subject to change, and we will do the best of our ability to keep everyone up to date on the happenings at Queensgate South.


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